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Post 365 Days - Week 36 - Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu

It took an hour along winding and sometimes cobblestoned roads to reach Ollantaytambo from Cusco. I was so glad I didn’t take the train. The driver was wonderful. 2,952 more words

The End

I was staring out of the window of a bus at the fields passing by from Peru to Bolivia, along the lake. I was listening to an old story-telling woman who was reading me a Hardy poem through my headphones, about someone who had loved the ocean and who had died away from it. 616 more words

The Goats Are Back At O'Hare Airport!

If you drive by O’Hare and see some goats or maybe even a donkey or llama, you aren’t seeing things!

No, they aren’t opening up a zoo near the airport, those animals are being brought back for another year to eat up on the weeds and even poisonous stuff that’s out there. 65 more words


Faster Faster

I don’t know the last time Little Man fell asleep on my chest. I didn’t know it when it happened. You only realize well after the fact that he’s done taking naps on you, and bu then, lacking a complete record or a complete set of brain cells that last, precious moment is lost to the mists of somewhere between “the other day” and “earlier that year.” 415 more words

Machu Picchu

Highlights –The indescribably incredible Machu Picchu Lowlights – Not buying THAT Alpaca rug

The time had finally come: to see Machu Picchu. One of the most revered archaeological sites in the world and top on ‘things to see’ from our bucket list. 1,246 more words

South America

Back To Normal? HA!

Now that I’m feeling almost ‘normal’….my animals have decided to be themselves again and show me just how ‘normal’ it is around here. So far…today…. Bouncer chased one of the baby chicks, it ran to the trees where both mama hens were sitting with the other peepers. 676 more words