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I am my story.

Yesterday was his birthday, and I wasn’t prepared. Mostly, I feel guilty—what kind of girlfriend (of six years, no less) doesn’t have any kind of celebration for the love of her life? 969 more words


Reframing "Busy"

“So, are you busy?” is the social sleepwalking question of the current milieu.  We’re all ‘busy’ with Something, so let’s agree to drop the question.  Let’s also agree to drop the badge of honor: “Oh, he/she is So Busy.”  Then it’s an excuse or some kind of ambiguous merit. 118 more words

Living With Intention

September Special ~ Anxiety Busters!

I’m the expert on this one.  I’ve collected an awesome toolkit to ease anxiety and stress.  Let’s figure out what works for You.

Package includes: 129 more words


Seeing the Light Shine Through the Cracks

A few months ago I signed up for a yoga teacher training. After my #30daysofyoga challenge last year, I was able to experience the powerful transformation that yoga created for and within me. 499 more words


Touching What Exists

It occurred to me today that maybe I should try to start a blog. Not that this has never occurred to me before. But, like so many things that have to do with starting, it all just overwhelms and suffocates me until finally — the weight of the world seemingly on my back, pushing an ever-falling boulder up a mountain, Atlas and Sisyphus all rolled into one (I am nothing if not a mythologizing hyperbolizer) — I collapse. 377 more words


Can't Think Past August

There’s this gnawing at the pit of my stomach that no summer ice cream cone can soothe. 

It comes from knowing there’s mere weeks til school starts. 155 more words

Love & The Gypsy Family

Cecilia and The Satellite

I haven’t written on here in a while for many reasons:

-Life has drastically changed in the past month

-There have been many adventures

-I’ve made some friends and I’ve lost some too… 1,249 more words

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