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Play To The Senses (Tanka)

Play to the senses

Sights and sounds stir in the mind

Like a poor man’s soup

Drawn from life experience

That only I could have lived


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Enough of feeling sorry for myself! My brother told me yesterday to forget about syndromes, I’m a strong person, I need to settle down for five minutes and look after myself and this too shall pass!! 572 more words

Living Life

When We Come Alive

I never really gave much thought to Switchfoot’s single, When We Come Alive, until recently. Initially, I thought it was a good track with haunting harmonies and an overall mellow groove. 78 more words


Peace over violence.

With all of the racial tension swirling around after the Mike Brown shooting (which I’m sure will die down somehow) it’s about time that the YOUTH take the time to stand up. 142 more words

Living Life

Exceptional gifts: choosing to live on through organ donation

All morning I have been procrastinating writing this. Actually, I have put off writing this for a long while, but Mom’s birthday this Friday and another letter in the mail has prompted me to sit here until the words come. 729 more words

Silenced By Our Own Voices

Silenced By Our Own Voices

Someone very close to me struggled this spring and summer with depression and it was so very scary. I found myself once again in that “place”. 1,503 more words

God's MRI

by John Bandstra

I am amazed at technological advances, especially in the area of medicine and healthcare. In just the past 30 years astonishing things have changed in regard to what we know about the human body. 1,019 more words

Living Life