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Not An Uncle Tom

It’s time for mental illness to be treated like any other illness. Sure, everyone says it is already that way, but if you believe that, as they say, I have a bridge to sell you. 580 more words


lithium - day 10

Trigger warning: incessant whining.

Lithium is giving me a new kind of dizzy (I’m a connoisseur). I can’t quite find words for it yet, because the memory of it vanishes fast, the way my hallucinations used to. 182 more words


Impulsivity is a symptom of mania or hypomania!

One very important reason to take the correct dose of the correct medication is shown below from the article: “Impulsivity and Risk Taking in Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia”  658 more words

Save me Lithium Orotate!

I was listening to Coast to Coast on the radio the other day and the guest mentioned the use of the supplement, Lithium Orotate.  I wrote it down and eventually looked it up. 184 more words


Goodbye Summer, Hello Relief!

As a child, summer was always a time to celebrate. After all, there was no school, no homework, and (if I was lucky) no real responsibility in sight. 478 more words


blood lithium mindscape

The heart image up there was on a poster in the waiting room of the blood whatever you call thems. Vampires, was what my grandmother used to say. 287 more words


lithium skin

There is a … thing that is growing on my face, to the right of my mouth. Air traffic has already been diverted; for it is an acne volcano. 181 more words