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Another followup, due to the latest book by Lieve Joris, who wrote about the relationship between Africa and China. I published a post on Lieve Joris’ book earlier today. 


op de vleugels van de draak

We travelled on the road from Durban to Johannesburg by car. We lived in the year 2011. In a small farming community we made a stop. 937 more words


Truth be told

“The scars that were there, only deepened. Wounds that closed only opened. Pain that faded only resided. I was no more.”
~a.n. mous

From the days called the dead period,

On the faults of the Spirit

1. You can persuade me into almost anything now, for I was recently persuaded to travel by water. We cast off when the sea was lazily smooth; the sky, to be sure, was heavy with nasty clouds, such as usually break into rain or squalls. 1,812 more words


In the Year 2889 by Jules Verne

I must admit that I originally began reading this short story based solely on its title and that said title’s similarity to the song, “In the Year 2525.” When I began reading, the preface notified the reader that this Jules Verne story was in fact not written by the great Nineteenth century French science fiction/fantasy author, but by his  378 more words


Quote of the day, Sept. 1

Matthew Arnold, on culture

“Culture has one great passion–the passion for sweetness and light. It has one even yet greater, the passion for making them prevail.”