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Experience and Actuality: Voltaire’s Criticism of Armchair Philosophers (Part 2 of 3)

However, Pangloss’ theories are more than just the silly, faulty reasonings of a man who thinks he’s right; they’re dangerous. It is with this belief, that this is the best of all possible worlds and that all things are for the best, that… 839 more words

Robin Jeffrey

The Dissociative Identity of a Bitter Romantic

What does it mean to love love as bitterly as a floating feather is delicate? It is like surfing through waves to find the exact spot of sand where a past lover proposed through shivering lips, and being in the wrong ocean completely. 306 more words

Silicon Soul

“If one has a silicon brain; has one also, a silicon soul?” I’ve debated this question for three years. What else have I to do? After all the work and success that I had achieved; I could not buy my health. 1,129 more words


SO Rhode Island...That's me!

Ashlyn Mooney totally gets the essence of what I’ve created with Reading With Robin

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Day 244: Dirty Dancing

Words can be so deceiving, especially when combined with tone and voice. Of course, let us not forget how they can also be masked by multiple definitions, act as both verb and noun and ultimately be read (or misread) in a myriad of ways. 373 more words

Juan Life

Day 1: Hero

She heard the comforting sound of skype starting on her computer and saw a green blob. Her body was filled with happiness. He was there, like he always was and nothing in the world could make her happier. 586 more words


Interpreter's Notes - The Overlook

The most popular visual feature of Halibut Point State Park is the Overlook in its northeastern corner.  Standing above a 50’+ granite grout pile over the rocky shore, the Overlook is the site of several weddings a year and even more marriage proposals.  724 more words