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Random Thoughts--TV Shows--and British Romanticism

I flipped through the pages of a magazine the other day. I know, how strange. Where did you find a magazine? What’s a magazine?

Well, it’s sort of like the internet but on paper and there’s a whole lot less of it. 804 more words

Short Story

Mad Science and Love Meets Pop Culture: Steins;Gate

Time travel! That sweet nectar of science fiction that never dries up because it’s paradoxically its own creator, caught in a stable time loop thanks to the… 856 more words

The Written Word

The Heart of the Blues

Themes in “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin

“Sonny’s Blues” is a short story about two brothers in Harlem, New York, who are torn apart and finally reunited by jazz. 925 more words


Blackwood Gazette #60-First Installments of The Gutted Earth Meet with Mixed Reactions

by Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

1/9- The first installment of Clement Aldridge Kene’s speculative fiction novel, The Gutted Earth, made its debut last month, and so far reactions from both critics and fans have been mixed. 435 more words

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Emily Bronte, the Poet

The Poetic World of Emily Brontë, published by Sussex Academic Press, is out and available on Amazon. Who might enjoy this book? Anyone who has read… 74 more words

Where’s the Other Pig? The Mystery of Orwell’s Animal Farm

George Orwell’s Animal Farm, for those unfamiliar with the story, follows the tale of how two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, inspired by a deceased prize pig, Old Major, unite their fellow animals (or comrades) to take over the farm on which they have been imprisoned by Mr Jones. 1,444 more words



(With a Little Help from an Old Western Scholar)

NOTE: The following dialog is based on a debate I actually had with a Post-Modernist friend who will remain nameless. 1,433 more words

Donald Williams