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A sentence to consider for World Literacy Day

World Literacy Day is a few days away. Late last year looking through statistics on literacy, it was disappointing to find that there are still high rates of illiteracy, particularly for women. 17 more words

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I am Not a Reading Teacher

“Gatekeepers of Information” a term often associated with overzealous technology directors who overblock websites denying students and teachers access to information.

I want to offer a different lens on the “Gatekeeper” label to include educators who claim no responsibility in the teaching of literacy strategies because they are not the “reading teacher.” When one takes this stance, students are denied skills, strategies, and opportunities to understand content specific rhetoric. 373 more words


Hurricanes, Rice, and Writing

The preschool years play a key role in the development of literacy. At this age, your budding writers are engaging in the important work of preparing to read and write. 140 more words


NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards Summer 2014

The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs awards books in several categories with a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. There were a number of truly excellent books honored by NABE this summer, and I want to congratulate each of the authors who were honored with a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.   104 more words

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Subbing time again!

As September draws closer and another rejection letter sails through the letterbox, it’s time to start preparing the subbing kit for another year. In this post I’ll go through some of my essentials. 802 more words

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