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5 Things to Eat Before Summer is REALLY Gone With the Wind

Cold Soup- If for no other reason than you don’t have to create any extra heat in your house to do this, do yourself a favor and whip up a gazpacho. 464 more words


Today I wrote my 5 Year Plan

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about where I see myself in the future and how I’m going to get there. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and I finally feel very happy and grounded and ready to pursue other things in my life which I had put to one side in the past. 138 more words

4 crucial things we could be doing instead of using our mobile phone

I’ll be the very first to admit I spend way too much time on my mobile phone.

I can’t go 10 minutes without refreshing my Twitter feed, checking my emails or aimlessly leafing through people’s Facebook pictures despite having lost touch with them in the early 2000s. 416 more words


Sam's Top 25 Favorite Musical Moments in Film (Part 2)

The countdown continues! Be sure to check out part one of the list here.

12. “The Ballad of Maxwell Demon” by Shudder to Think (featured in  1,249 more words


DARK STAR, by Alan Furst

Book Jacket, Inside Flap:

1937. Paris. Moscow. Berlin. Prague.

Oooh, self likes!

The next book on self’s reading list after she finishes this one (Hopefully, she will finish this one. 435 more words


Day 61: 10 Ways My Best Friend is Like A Boyfriend

*I totally meant to post this yesterday but fell a sleep and was almost late for work (Side note: discovered it is possible to oversleep for a night shift, who knew?). 779 more words


10 Unique Hostess Gifts

Don’t be that person who always shows up empty handed or with a boring bottle of wine. Let’s be real, the wine thing is done. Get a little creative and bring your host something he or she will remember. 419 more words