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Music Listography

Well hello everyone! I’m back here and this is a very special project that I want to work on to warm up those marketing skills! Althought you guys don’t know me, I think with this we will be able to reach and get to know eachother a little bit better. 194 more words


Back to the Start: My 4 Back-To-The-Grind Essentials

As the world turns round, and seasons change – summer is inevitably come to an end.  Late nights shared with good company and mid-afternoon naps are coming to an end.   874 more words

Word Vomit

Best Present Ever!

A few months ago (if not a year ago now) I let my friend read one of the books I have written. As a result, he bought me a present: a Segway experience.  626 more words


Listography #59-My List of 100 Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

Okay so I apologize to all the movie buffs out there, but I hit cinema in the 80s so my list will be of newer movies and not so much of the black and white oldies.  300 more words


Luxe living, OR 10 things that are too fancy for me

Recently I’ve been trying to work out why certain very specific things make me so uncomfortable, and the only answer I can come up with is that they are too damn fancy for me. 665 more words


Listography #58-Top Ten Songs of Summer of 2014 for Me

I believe I did this last year.. a listography of songs or artists that became my soundtrack of the summer.  Well here is this summer’s soundtrack. 35 more words



I have six days left, everyone.

Six days left at my current job before I embark on my next adventure.*

And while it’s exciting to train someone to do your job…or to say goodbye to co-workers and volunteers…or relish my last free lunches, I’m starting to get that senior spring itch. 187 more words