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Listen and Repeat. Listen and Repeat. Listen and...

Voscreen.com is a great website for practicing your listening comprehension with short clips from movies, tv series, documentaries, commercials etc. Check out the website (try it first…) and if you like it, make an account (FREE) in order to get access to more content. Remember, listen and ….


Analyzing Verb Tenses to Sequence Events in a Song


A. Listen to the song once for general understanding.

B. Listen again to fill in the blanks with the verbs in the song. The verbs may be in the simple present, present progressive, simple past, simple future, or present perfect forms. 409 more words


Assessment Date: N6 Listening

Good morning.

Just a quick heads up about your first N6 internal assessment date.

You will sit an N6 Listening test (part of the Analysis and Evaluation unit) on Thursday 11th September during the double period. 39 more words

Important Dates

Simply Listen

I am standing in a lobby listening to people compare their tragedies. It is more than comparison; it is a festival of one-ups-manship. “If you think that’s bad, my niece was just diagnosed with a terrible cancer….” The first speaker, now crestfallen, reaches into her story-bag of pain as another member of the group competes, “That happened to my brother just after his daughter was hit broadside by an enormous truck!” The group coos in sympathy, each in a hurry to make their personal story of hurt the center of the conversation. 367 more words

Truly Powerful People

Reduce unemployment to improve patient care by @fionacmcqueen

Staff survey

Another week dominated by workforce and quality of care (that’s the way it should be) and dealing with it at both national and individual patient level is really intriguing.

924 more words