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The Grand Voyage!

…OR MID-DISTANCE car trip. I know which one I like the sound of. I’ll be away for a week from civilisation, if civilisation can be defined as the presence of wi-fi, a coffee shop nearby and neighbours you never knew existed despite them having lived directly below you for years. 247 more words


Life, Quickly

.PARents divorced.

..Left school early.

…Survived on oddjobs and benefits.

….Died in a hospital bed.


I’m experimenting to see how concise writing can evoke an entire life for whoever you just imagined from those four sentences above.


Cat Guilt

I realise I haven’t posted a cat specific post before, I think you’ll agree it’s a glaring omission from my body of work. If I don’t add to the quota the internet may break. 145 more words


Walking Down the St.

A WOMAN, HALF leather, half low slung jeans does the cigarette shuffle, slowing briefly to light up before a puff of smoke appears above her dyed hair. 200 more words


Analogue Shorts

Thoughts and things from my analogue writing, a notepad and pen that is. Enjoy!

Short cuts, a long way,
To a slow death,
Drip, drip. 105 more words