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INTERVIEW: Laura Ellis, the Singing Voice Behind CONTRAST, Talks

A few years ago, “shadow” games were all the rage. Games like Limbo introduced a cool new perspective and showed that games can be amazingly good even if they are graphically simplistic. 1,751 more words


A Word from the Other Side by Trevor Plumbly

No Flowers by Request

The day started out normally enough: tea in hand, talkback radio blaring (if you’re reasonably sane it’s nice to know what the nutters are up to) and the untouched cryptic crossword sitting like a cerebral kickstarter on the table. 558 more words

Trevor's Posts

Living in Limbo

Our walls are bare. I find no use in putting up pictures if they will only be taken down again in a few months. We sit on unfamiliar furniture that has been loaned to us by gracious family and friends. 284 more words

Missionary Life

The Space Between

How to get by?

I’ve done it, i said my piece. I got my permission. I just have to go through formalities in getting out the chains and i’m free to move the reins. 76 more words

Buzzy Mind

The Limbo of Maybe

Last week L came to us and told us that he had a painful bump on his jaw. It was a hard, pea-sized bump on the right side of his face. 1,021 more words


No Story Never Told

So this is an oddly vulnerable confession to make on a blog that aims to routinely criticise fiction, but I guess that makes it no less valid. 598 more words