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Photography done at St Pauls Darkrooms!

We have been going through the archive of images created at St Pauls Darkrooms and thought it would be nice to post some on here. Enjoy! 33 more words


Liked your comment

So you know that little notification button on the far right of your admin bar that runs along the top of your blog?

It tells you, by turning orange and displaying a star (like) or a text bubble (comment), when someone has liked or commented on one of your posts. 404 more words


Second Workshop & 100 LIKES!

First and foremost, our Facebook reached 100 likes! This is a huge accomplishment and I’d like to thank everyone who contributed their like :) Granted this post is a little belated as we’re already at an amazing 134 likes! 145 more words



I have received 501 likes on my Blog.

This is more than my feeble brain can computerate, but thanks all the same.

I love you all, stay tuned for more wackiness in the very near future!



The Social Networking Deity

My belief in the entity we call “God” is complicated. I believe in a higher power, in a spiritual existence, and tolerance for all; which is pretty much the opposite of what is happening in the world today. 76 more words


An Intro of sorts..

Hello all,

First of all let me explain the blog id.I an not new to blogging. In fact, this is my fourth blog and hence the “04” in the id.Though I will write a lot about my life, I prefer to keep my identity a secret so i am using  my pen name. 162 more words