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Warrior Mindset

Every time I step foot into the gym, I go in with what I call a “Warrior Mindset”. This to me is the biggest difference between the guys who just go to the gym and the guys who get RIPPED. 270 more words


Your Attitude and How it Effects How You Lift (or do anything)

If you have been training for a while, I am sure you have a couple of favorite lifts by now, and a couple of lifts you dislike mostly because you aren’t very good at them. 685 more words

Been busy 8/30/2014

Wow!! Two of my kids started school these past two weeks and just Oi!!

So I have added Kre-Alkalyn which I am pretty sure you can get at GNC however someone picked this up for me so I can’t positively say that you can. 442 more words

Friday's: Bench, Massages, and Dreams

Fridays: Bench followed by massage. Coach and I had a long discussion about the cost benefit of the weekly (soon to be every-other-week) massages. His input is more important than ever given the fact that massages aren’t cheap and we are saving like crazy for our back-up plan and his greater dream. 789 more words


WOD love

There are very few things I dislike about my box, although I spend a lot of time talking about how much I hate cross fit! 257 more words


Workout of the Day - Friday 8/29/14


3 X 12 @ 56% of 1 rep max



15 – 15 – 15


“Not Quite Helen”

3 Rounds of: 28 more words