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Stopping The World

In Journey to Ixtlan, The Lessons of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, don Juan teaches Carlos about “stopping the world.”  He says in order to “see” you have to first stop the world. 254 more words


Path to a Better Something, Lesson 1.0

Last night I started the first book on that insane list, Chakras for Beginners by David Pond.  The extent of my knowledge at the beginning of this journey is that there are seven chakras and they have to do with life balance. 347 more words

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Down the Rabbit Hole of Self-Improvement

I’ve been cleaning house this summer, and as I clear out my books, one of the things I’ve noticed is that I have an extraordinary number of self-help books.   831 more words

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A Puzzlement

Some things happen for a reason

this truly I believe

for Spirit Muses guide me well

I pray they never leave

There’ve been many pain filled lessons… 96 more words


Coffee: My Love

I have given up coffee.  It started out as a summer project, but as the days have unfolded, it’s become something I realize weighs me down, literally and figuratively, so I can’t see it making a grand entrance back into my world anytime soon. 608 more words

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Wish I could say I was going to a tropical island for a vacation...

… but instead, we’re renovating the house at my mother’s. It will take a long time, it will be messy and especially expensive. It already made me give up on many things I love doing, much of my free time, and my heart is slowly breaking, truth be told. 130 more words

Life's Mystery

Commitment to Myself (July U.B.C. Day 8)

The heat rises around me as I settle down onto my heels and extend my arms out in front of me and lower to the floor. 490 more words

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