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My Fashion Philosophy

I’ve been thinking about writing a post about fashion since forever but I don’t know what’s been keeping me away from writing about it. Maybe it’s the constant change of trends, or maybe it’s the not-so satisfying feeling of not being with the fashion “in-crowd” or maybe because I know for a fact that I’m not the most fashion forward guy there is on this planet; but I’m just gonna share my beliefs and philosophies – if I can call them that – about fashion. 1,137 more words


The Downfall of High Expectations

At one of my very first “career” jobs after college I had the good fortune to join a large, reputable organization and work in their head office. 1,144 more words


Day Two: The Cure For Hopium Addiction: Be Your Own Best Friend

Loving-kindness. Compassion. Whatever you call it,

 This is what spiritual practice is all about, right?

 Long story short, the teachings throughout the Bible instruct us to generate love toward God, Ourselves, and others, I believe that it is God’s wish that all human beings be free from suffering and experience true and lasting happiness.

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Lifes Lessons

Neil Gaiman, I love you!

With each birthday comes a realization, that time flies by, unfettered, uninhibited and at a pace unknown.

I post quotes that I love at my workstation – an attempt to make an idyllic moment a tad more interesting with the wisdom of the profound surrounding me. 758 more words

Life's Lessons

Day one: The cure for Hopium Addiction.

Yesterday, I wrote a blog titled, “What are you addicted to?”

In that blog, I gave a list of things you could do to improve your levels of happiness and encouraged you to take one action step each day from that list to decrease your dependency on “HOPIUM”.

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Lifes Lessons

Anger Hurts You

Credits to the owner of the image.

Anger can hurt.
It can destroy.
It ruins, not the recipient BUT you.

Yes you may have hurt the person through your actions or words, but at the end of the day, it’s you who suffers most. 33 more words

Life's Lessons

EFFORT...There is no such thing as free lunch!

Today, I want to discuss EFFORT.

Insects and animals are nearly always busy.

They prepare for winter.

They get ready for Spring.

They wash themselves,

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Lifes Lessons