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Flower On

Almost Autumn

Though the leaves of the petunias

Are dying of mildew

One by one

They keep on blooming

And you , my love

Though your body betrays you… 7 more words



Sitting silently nary a word
Nothing to say
No need to be heard
While broken people snap nearby
Help unspoken
Life sapped
They cry
Not I… 55 more words


Internal fires.

I am calm and I shall remain calm.
I will put a show on for you.
A show you have not seen the likes of before. 43 more words


Christians Don't

Christians don’t

Talk like that
Dress like that
Love like that
Art like that
Think like that
Live like that

In short, behave like you.

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Life Poetry


Mouth or mission
Boxes and boundaries
Isolating and insulating
Practicing partiality
Favoring favoritism
Preferring prominence
Ignoring neighbors
Ostracizing others
Serving self
Prairies and paths… 18 more words



Religion is for reliving
Past practice and past rules
Masked motives and fast moves
Checking boxes and lost clues

Faith is for the living
Next action and next service… 67 more words