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From the Montpellier Codex, Anonymous 4

I walked down the aisle to this haunting, beautiful piece. I can’t believe how many years it has been already. I would never have imagined my life as it is now if you had asked me just a few years ago. 41 more words

God Is Good

When they are gone forever..don't forget to breathe

There is never really anything comforting you can say to someone who are going through a loss.
You want to say something and when you do, it pains them more. 150 more words

That Guru

Unfinished buisness

From everything to nothing
In what feels like overnight
Doesn’t it blow your mind how fast things change?

You can talk to each other 25 hours straight… 134 more words



When I let you go
Or did you leave me?
I felt my life was over,
I will spend my days moping,
I will think of you… 338 more words

It is a Sunday night, the last night that my life was “normal”

I remember some things from that moment in my life like it was yesterday and others I don’t remember anything. This night and the following hours are a hodgepodge of mostly disconnected memories and moments. 2,376 more words


Making This Your Decade

Success is a result of happiness. You are happy when you are the best you can be. They aren’t many happy people around. WHY?
It is only because we don’t work to our capacities. 1,060 more words

Two Weeks In...

Well we’ve been in our new house a fortnight and we’re s l o w l y getting sorted. We’ve had a quote for a new roof that would make you choke on your dinner, but thankfully the plumbing issues were (relatively) minor, as are the electrical problems. 174 more words