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♫ ...Moving Right Along... ♫

The life change thing. With the diet and the exercise. And the weight loss and the diet and the exercise. And the pursuing my dreams and the weight loss and the diet and the exercise. 257 more words

Just Drop It

Think about this for a minute….when we are at odds with someone, we don’t seem to see eye to eye, can’t agree, usually the response is to drop the situation, agree to disagree and just drop it. 891 more words

How to Disappear

Move to Hell.
Beg for Sanctuary.
Have no reply.

Words need speaking
No intuiting.
I am worth the breath required.

Coping Strategies

Just Hang Upside-Down and Hold On!!

 I always wondered if caterpillars endure pain during their captivity in the chrysalis.   It seems that every growth or period of change is accompanied by pain and loss.  467 more words


IYC2014 “InTune” Strikes Chord, Still Resonates

By Carl Stagner

IYC2014 may be history, but the sound of splashing is left in its wake. As nearly five thousand students returned to reality after the early July gathering in Nashville, Tennessee, youth groups from California to Canada and beyond celebrated new commitments to Christ. 584 more words

All Church Of God

Stepping Stones

My life is about to change.  With change comes fear, apprehension, and uncertainty. But most importantly, it comes with growth and opportunity. It delivers us to an advanced state-of-being and encourages us expand our horizons. 657 more words

Life Change

Jugular Jig

It’s hard
Getting these pieces
Letting Folk take this
While remaining to live thro endless strife
Smiles of grief for my lost better life.

They’re cold… 110 more words