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August Angst

Every year, as August rolls along, this quiet but very apparent angst sets in. A restlessness that I can’t quite put a finger on, so many questions, way too many ideas, no clue where to begin or how to proceed. 2,380 more words

Life And Times

Schedules, regulation, control.
I am bad at that.
I like going with the flow,
surprises, interesting things, doing what I like
But everyone says you are supposed to have… 18 more words

Life And Times

The Twitterherd Charter - An Owner's Guide

It has come to my attention that one or two members of the Twitterherd have been involved in some sad infringements of our charter – indeed, an all out strike of the Twitterherd right across the western world was narrowly avoided last night, when Oscar was confronted with a reinvention manual by his owner. 467 more words

Life And Times

Heigh Ho!

I went to a pagan festival this past week and it was a doozy. I’ve got a couple of journal entries that I’m going to type up from the event, and this will be the first of them. 431 more words

Life And Times

The Life of a Charlotte-An


Last week, I did something rather reckless and irresponsible that may very well change the course of my life even unto the last little dregs. I had some warn against it, some encourage me towards it, and some who awkwardly responded, “Oh..interesting” (those last group of readers have permission not to click on every blog I post). 452 more words



Tenderness is a fleeting spot of time, sandwiched somewhere between waking and drifting back to sleep. I open my eyes just so, and I see VC bug-eyed-glasses on his face, windcheater zipped up, and helmet strapped on. 324 more words

Life And Times