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Not Again. Part I

My Boss’ son is a junkie. Not really clear on what the addiction is, probably oxy, but addict he appears to be. Now I am not going to claim to know the agony Boss is going through, and the fear and dread that comes with every phone call, and  I do  not expect and hope and pray I will ever have to confront the horror that he does every day. 897 more words


To, dear Sunkoshi ~ With Love

It feels like yesterday, I walked along your bank, walked inside you splashing you here and there as I liked, while you played with me too…with full of love. 827 more words

Coffee House Journal


Thousands of years have passed since we built pyramids for death.
Isn’t it time to build monuments for life?


Our Precarious Lives - A Review of Frames of War by Judith Butler

It took me more than two years to get through this book. I put it down after page 42 in 2012 because of its dense content and academic language. 732 more words


Robyn Gardner in Aruba Pt.2

Was Gary Giordano responsible for the demise of Robyn Gardner? Local authorities seemed to think so, although they were unable to take the case to trial due to lack of evidence. 1,192 more words

Losts And Founds

Nano Calendars P.2

Okay, so I’m a little excited about how well this template is working out. I feel like the quality of the calendars gets higher with each one I make, and I absolutely love this latest one, as I feel it is the best one I’ve made to date. 63 more words

somethings in the basement !

When I was a little girl the basement was a scarey place.

Each stair was just a step without a back, so I thought that if you were small enough, you could slip right through. 409 more words