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Back in school!

Many students are back from summer holidays now and some, just like me, are back after at least 2-3 weeks time off from the studies. This fall I’m going to study 50% library- and information science and 50% Comparative Literature, Early Literature. 43 more words

Literature & Studies

A Dataset of 8,438 Research Papers with Keywords "racial" and "ethnicity"

I have shared a file containing a sheet with a list of 8, 348 journal articles obtained from a basic search for the keywords “racial” and “etchnicity” in research papers mentioned online anytime as tracked by Altmetric. 272 more words


Orientation for the Oriental

Post number two. Here we go!

(This is my attempt at an epic beginning:)

FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME, there have always been newcomers! From the very young infants, to those starting kindergarten, to freshman in college, graduate school, and for those who are seeing the cows come home…it’s all new. 355 more words

Library And Information Science

Day 25: Classes, X-Files, & Employment

Today was the first day of classes, so I basically spent my time in front of the computer, reading up on information communities. I also slept a lot, a result of me staying up late last night, watching X-Files. 114 more words

Library And Information Science

I know I'm not the only one...

I’ve saved myself some time doing this, too!

Turning Tech

Hi everybody!

This is my very first blog ever! It is great timing because I am going to begin co-blogging where I work at The Oregon Historical Society Research Library. 263 more words

Decisions, Decisions...Part 2

Back on March 23, 2014, I posted what was to become the first part of this blog entry, about discerning God’s will for me, and deciding on a “new direction” in my life’s journey. 550 more words