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New Infographic: Where We Donate Vs. Diseases That Kill Us

I can’t tell you in confidence that it’s socially accectable to be disinterested in participating in the phenomenon of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But I am willing to admit, when something is that amazingly popular, I’m the guy who asks questions. 313 more words

Non-Aggression live at 8. Talking #libertarian #ferguson #zara

Tonight at Paul & Tim talk Ferguson, libertarians, morons, & heroes. We will even try google hangout.




The Racism of Abraham Lincoln, Part 2

The Context of Lincoln’s Racism

So let’s start with absolute reality, stripped of both wishful thinking and ideology:

Abraham Lincoln was a racist.

Yes, it’s true. 2,852 more words

Civil War

Two Quippy -- Or, One of These Will Tick You Off

People believe, not what’s true, but what makes them feel good. This is why we do stupid things over and over.

We’re offended by others because we think we’re entitled to their behavior. 368 more words

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