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On Challenging the Gender Binary

As I kid, my parents never kept me from doing or wearing “boy” stuff, if that was what I wanted. I grew up progressively more and more masculine. 639 more words

Stonewall and the Changing Landscape

A fair amount has been written already about Saturday’s meeting between Stonewall and 50 or so trans people. My goal in writing this is not to simply restate what’s already been said about the positivity and the options, and also the issues around diversity, but to start looking at how things are changing and may well change further. 1,578 more words

Trans Issues

Dating in Autumn Begins Now!

So far, so good! I’m taking things a day at a time. Right now, I need a dance party to go to. Dancing always helps me release negative energy. 659 more words

Life As A Queer Woman

Depression; My Story.

Fighting depression has to be the hardest most tiring thing I’ve ever done, but it is not something that you cant come to terms with. After being diagnosed in nearly November of 2014 my life has begun to take a drastic turn for the positive. 480 more words



Dear me,

Remember that party I went to the other night, that I mentioned a couple of days ago?  It wasn’t too bad, although there was an awkward moment that I’ve been mulling over a bit since.   415 more words

Panti Documentary Needs YOUR Help!

The Queen of Ireland is a creative documentary about Irish drag superstar Panti Bliss, which has launched an Indie GoGo campaign to help fund its completion. 427 more words


You Don't Have to Be Anything!--Being Agender and What that Means

Hello once again! So, as I mentioned in my last post, I thought it would be a good idea to go into more detail about being agender and what that term actually means. 653 more words