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A Life Lesson Learnt The Hard Way

One of the biggest lessons I learnt was also one of the hardest. In a moment everything can change and we cannot predict when that moment will arrive. 459 more words

Alesbianspeaks' Random Thoughts

A very mixed weekend

FINALLY I got the opportunity of getting out and about again as Andrea… although the weekend turned out to be rather mixed.

Saturday was really good. 817 more words

Teaching Old Bisexuals New Tricks

Holy fuck (and I’m sorry but not sorry for my cavalier use of Anglo-Saxon but I have just had my entire world turned upside down) have you ever read anything so utterly revolutionary and yet so completely obvious that you re-evaluate your entire belief structure around it? 662 more words



(Because my blog is usually suitable for all ages, I’m putting a disclaimer here that some of this post involves adult content involving mature themes as well as some slurs and other strong language, so reader discretion is advised.) 1,612 more words

Diary entry #25 - Back to college

Today my second year of college started. This means new classes, new subjects, basically new everything (except the building of course). I’ll try not to bore you by telling what classes i had today (maybe a little bit), because this blog is about me being transgender and related subjects after all ;) . 947 more words


How To Shrink Your Church In One Easy Step

Every major American church that has taken steps towards liberalization on sexual issues has seen a steep decline in membership.
By Alexander Griswold for The Federalist… 406 more words


Here we go!

I would love to sit and tell you every little detail of my life in this blog but that would take up way to much space for my first official blog post. 256 more words

First Blog