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Why do we save letters?

I often question why I save letters. I have little notes my husband wrote to me when we first started dating, cards my father sent to me while I was in boarding school (my favorite one says “I picked this one just for you” with a little girl picking her nose on the cover), letters from camp, and letters from my grandfather tucked away in the cookbooks he left to me when he passed. 103 more words



Dear Jay,

Well, I’m back again today.  Are You surprised?

I’m not sure what to write to You today, Jay.  I don’t suppose I have to have topic picked out each time I write, but it helps to be able to write You when I do.  416 more words


Australia goes to "not-war" ... again?

A letter to my Federal parliamentarians:

Dear Sirs,

Apparently while Parliament was not sitting over the weekend, Mr Abbott has declared that we are going to be gun-running for the Kurdish people fighting against the Islamic State in Iraq. 218 more words


Putting You First

Dear Jay,

Yes, once again it’s been a while since I last wrote You.  I stink!  It’s really not that hard to take time out of my day to sit down and write to You.  596 more words


More than kisses, letters mingle souls.

My future husband,

I really want to hold your hand. When I took the love language test, I tied with two. One of my top love languages is physical touch and it means a lot just for someone to put their arm around me or wrap me in a hug. 321 more words


Letters to my Sister. Part 3: October-November 1991. Fireworks

(postcard)  Letter 4 October 15th 1991


Hello. Thanx 4 the “amusing” postcard. Very nice.  It probably was the strangest postcard I’d ever had the mis-fortune 2 receive. 2,276 more words


An Open Letter To Nike.

Dear Nike,

My morning run is once again becoming my most favourite part of the day and thanks to your advertising I now feel like a rockstar every time I run across a bridge in the dark of night. 74 more words