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Lay It Down.


There are some situations that are unchangeable.You can absolutely do nothing about it. All you can do is lay it down and open a new chapter, find a new realm to live in.


When God Tugs

I have no extravaganza story but I’ve had my fair share of a crazy, jungle-like life. As my Senior year was approaching its end, I’ve juggled my few months applying in colleges. 700 more words

Lessons In Life

That's the Idea!

I am very excited to announce that I am starting a small business called “That’s the Idea.” It is a content and social media management service that specializes in the content creation on the platforms Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and many more. 207 more words

Lessons In Life

Untitled, for someone who might never read

Until now, I still crave for a chance to meet you again. The person I want to see most is still you.

I didn’t know my actions could anger you, and hurt your feelings. 225 more words


I am a failure and proud of it!

In the world there are things that bring us together and make us feel bonded. We find solace when there is common ground. It is always nice to walk through life knowing that we as individuals are not alone in our struggles and joys. 930 more words

How to Save Money at the CNE

Today I visited the CNE (otherwise known as The Ex or The Canadian National Exhibition). It’s a carnival-like experience with everything from arts, crafts and hobby kiosks to chocolate chicken and a farm. 769 more words

Lessons In Life