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The Obligatory "Things Every Freshman Needs to Know" List

This semester is going to be an interesting one for me. Not only am I taking classes, but I’m also a TA for a 100-level English class.  762 more words

Everything Else

What Would You Do? Are Messages the Gateway, or the Trap?

How do you START a message?

What is this, AIM?

So I write,

Hey there Gorgeous!

And she writes,

Hi. Your last few years seem awesome and I am sure have shapes the person you are today.

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Knope We Can!

First things first, I need to unsubscribe from getting all these kate spade emails because I have zero self control. ZERO. I just got one about all these super cute desk items…y’all, I don’t even have a desk right now. 234 more words

About Me

Parks and Recreation

So, this show has been on my list to watch for quite a while.  But ya know, I’m busy.  Like really freaking busy.  So I hadn’t had time to watch it.   415 more words

New Girl

Tales from the Internship

I’ve mentioned my internship a few times, but I haven’t really explained what I’m doing this summer.

I’m currently working as an intern in the Community Development Department for a local municipality. 418 more words

just another shameless Parks & Recreation reference.

I really love Leslie Knope.

I think my issue with making friends stems from what I like to call my Leslie Knopespectations. I want to find people that are passionate about me & the things that mean the most in my life. 482 more words

Late Night Ramblings