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Fascinatin’ Comtemplatin’

I like bizarre trivia. New information that makes my eyebrows raise and my brain freeze.
Information that I don’t need to know. We are inundated with this kind of crap on every web-site we open…from Facebook to Buzz feed, the weird stuff begs us to click and look. 293 more words

Connect the Records

Primarily active from ’50 to ’77, Tennessee-based Dot Records showcased, alongside its colorful logo, the following spectrum of artists: Billy Vaughn, Mitch Ryder, Jimmy Dorsey, Jack Kerouac, Luis Armstrong, Lawrence Welk, Pat Boone, The Four Lads, Leonard Nimoy, Roy Clark, and Louis Prima… to name a short few. 49 more words


Day 125

I had to redo the purple square from yesterday because I had placed it in the wrong spot. A nuisance but not really a problem. 71 more words

Star Trek: Mudd's Women

Mudd’s Women

Broadcast: October 13, 1966 (Read our thoughts on the previous episode, The Corbomite Maneuver)
Writer: Stephen Kandel from a story by Gene Roddenberry… 595 more words

Star Trek

Wideo Wednesday Leonard Nimoy "LaLa"

Some pure Nimoy Awesomeness in this video by  Laurie Shae !

– I’ll be recovering from my surgery when this posts– I  think watching this will definitely help my recuperation!   :-)

Leonard Nimoy

To Remake or Not To Remake. That is the Question.

I’m on the record saying I hate remakes. If it was genius in the first place, why mess with it? If it stunk, why bring it back? 336 more words

Film History

My Weekly Spock: Emmy Time!

In honor of tonight’s annual Emmy broadcast – here’s some great shots of Leonard at Emmy’s past!  Why this man never won an Emmy is beyond me! 8 more words

Leonard Nimoy