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A disturbing decision

A recent Sixth Circuit decision dealt with what constitutes a  “verification” under 15 USC 1692g(b).  Unfortunately for the collection practitioner, they expand the definition of verification well beyond what other Circuits have done.   16 more words


If law = contract, and contract = Law then what?

Tone and El come on to clarify some of the concepts of today that were not taught in schools. Enjoy another LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER Talk. Not Legal Advice. For edutainment purposes only.


Legal action against Fukushima Prefecture and Japan's government

Fukushima families sue prefecture, government for radiation exposure during meltdown crisis Japan Times 1 Sept 14 FUKUSHIMA – A group of parents and children who were residing in Fukushima Prefecture when the nuclear disaster unfolded in March 2011 is suing the central and prefectural governments for failing to take sufficient steps to protect children from radiation exposure during the crisis. 70 more words


Central Valley Farmers’ Legal Efforts To Stop High-Speed Rail Plan Could Be Coming To An End

KINGS COUNTY (KCBS)— Central Valley farmers opposed to construction of California’s high-speed rail may face their last legal stop this week. Attorneys will petition the State Supreme Court to halt the rail plan dead in its tracks. 268 more words


How to Seal a Criminal Record in New York?

A criminal record can make it difficult for a person to find employment or get government assistance or housing. Criminal convictions in New York cannot be taken off the record. 479 more words


39 Ways to Guard Against DUI

DUI, or driving while under the influence of substances or alcohol, is a severe offense in all 50 states. There is a first-offense generally treated as a violation, and the penalties are similar on the list of states. 1,367 more words


Guest Post - Biblical Principles in Modern Legislation - Book by Reigh Simuzoshya, Ph.D.

Have you ever been involved in a dispute that could only be solved by legal action? By going to the law you exhibited confidence in the legal system as a grievance redress mechanism. 352 more words

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