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The Whole Political Spectrum is Leftist

A political spectrum is supposed to be an objective way of evaluating, comparing and measuring the ideological distances between different people’s political opinions. I won’t get into all the different kinds of political spectra that exist, since that is irrelevant to my argument: to identify on a political spectrum is to identify as a leftoid. 888 more words


A’ dol thairis air an reifreann Albannach

Air eadar-theangachadh bhon alt thùsail le Mike Sabot, AFed Dhùn Èideann, ga riochdachadh fhèin a-mhàin.  Faodar ar n-amasan is prionnsapalan a leughadh ann an Gàidhlig… 2,294 more words

#Obama In One Cartoon


One drawing that sums up the entire man.

Absolutely brilliant.


They ran Israel, now they hate it?


If you watched a documentary about America during the Cold War and the people who ran the Vietnam war came on one at a time and called America an Apartheid state and accused it of war crimes against Vietnamese, you might ask, at some points “but weren’t you in charge?”  If they told you America’s actions were “worse than Darfur” and “like Nazism” you might ask “you mean, you’re actions, you oversaw it, right?”  And you’d expect at some point a resolution to this contradiction. 2,154 more words

This is why we can't have nice things: Israel/Palestine, meta-blogging, and the silence of the centre.

Last month I did something I promised myself I wouldn’t do: I wrote a blogpost about the Israel/Palestine conflict. I’m fairly sure that the resulting increase in blood pressure took several years off my life. 888 more words

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