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Message For the Day..." Get rid of your Ego and Give up Greed ..."

No one will like the one who is conceited and egotistic. Even your spouse and your own children, though they may appear to respect you externally, will not be happy with you, when you are an arrogant person. 113 more words


A new philosophical language

I’ve long been unhappy with my abilities to formulate my ideas in an appropriate medium. I’m not an academic, and have no desire to write footnoted articles or monographs. 183 more words


Friendship Costs

October 5, 2013

A few nights ago, I was texting one of my best friends from America, Chrissy. Chrissy and I know each other inside and out. 816 more words


Two August Heroes

Many a times you meet people who leave significant impression with you. Some by their change the world attitude, some by their courage and gutsy approach, some by their humility – irrespective of how successful they are – and some by their ability to simply ask you the right questions. 475 more words


August 25-29

Set Theory

A set is a structure, representing an ordered collection (group, plurality) of zero or more distinct (different) objects.Set theory deals with operations between, relations among, and statements about sets.


Up in the sky

The highest yoga class in the world takes place on Saturdays at the top of the Shard. Designed by the italian architect Renzo Piano and completed in June 2012, the Shard towers London as the tallest building in Europe. 132 more words

set theory

August 25-29

This week.,we only met our class two times cause we have no class on monday.And we have a film viewing entitled Patikul..

About our lesson,we have discussed the set theory,set operations (union,intersection,compliment,difference,power of a set and cartesian product) and the concept of venn diagram,although i get confused because i didn’t understand well.