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EU Directives

Will it now be 6 bins

So confusing, another EU directive, which the UK will most likely follow to the letter, but will the other countries in the… 447 more words


According to one Grammar Nazi, Dyslexia Doesn't Exist...It's Just An Excuse For Laziness

As a Dyslexic, I’m getting really sick and tired of being lumped in with people who are lazy about grammar, with those who probably are dumb and ignroant about it, and so on. 171 more words

Individual training

We provide assistance in finding, setting up, and using technology for LD based reading and writing needs, including: Kurzweil 3000, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Voice Dream, Read:OutLoud Bookshare Edition, as well as OS based text to speech and speech to text utilities. 38 more words


My journey through learning disability


I didn’t have a learning disability when I was born at all. It just happened since the age of three years old. I got it from a fright and my lollipop got stuck in my throat. 392 more words

Learning Disability

Join me at Landmark's LD Innovation Symposium

We need diverse technologies for diverse minds.

Join me on October 3rd at Landmark College for their second annual LD Innovation Symposium. I’ll be giving the keynote presentation on how we can harness technology for the LD mind and will be followed by Dr. 147 more words


Beat Those Back To School Blues!


 Beat those back to school blues with these simple tips and tricks.

It has been a long hot, power cutting (especially in Egypt), Ramadan filled summer this year and our children have gotten used to sleeping all day and staying awake most of the night (and for those of you outside of the middle east, our children have still slept later and woken up way past school wake up time). 1,046 more words


Should you be worried about MSG? Silent killer or harmless flavour enhancer?

Those Ramen instant noodles… Pure MSG!

I personally have banned MSG from my house. My son used to suffer from Epileptic seizures and any foods with MSG in them used to trigger them. 1,745 more words