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The Seducer's Diary

Finally I pushed myself to make something visual with this #track, called “The Seducer’s Diary”, which will be a part of my #debut #solo #album “Nine Stories”, because it became something like a hit – many of my friends told me they had some melodies from this track stuck in their minds, so it would be a shame not to do anything about it. 150 more words

Girl Guitarist

Blues Guitar Lessons Review: Playing Through The Blues With Griff Hamlin

According to author Griff Hamlin: Playing Through The Blues – Guide For The Lead Guitar Player, is the most comprehensive and easiest method to learn Blues Lead Guitar You will learn every amazing lick, scale, technique, and cool trick that youll ever need to know Youll learn how guys like… 11 more words

How Long Does It Take to Play Guitar Well?

How Long Does It Take to Play Guitar Well?
A common question among beginners picking up the guitar is how quickly they’ll be able to play it properly. 37 more words