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The Socratic Method: Releasing Resistance to Make Way for AWESOMENESS!

Releasing resistance (i.e. changing your mind) is a big part of using the law of attraction or any sort of energy work. There are various ways to release resistance, but the method I’m going to tell you about is straightforward. 1,516 more words

Law Of Attraction

"The most significant thing for a parent..."

The most significant thing for a parent to contribute to anyone is their own Connection and their own stability. An effective parent is a happy parent. 39 more words

Law Of Attraction

And Then There's Killer

Just remembered the highest accolade for a growing number of people. Killer. Applied to any number of things. Lasagna. A really good lasagna might be described as “killer”. 74 more words

My law of attraction

I’ve been single now for 5 months, and whenever I am single I always feel as if I’m going to bump into ‘the one’ any day. 370 more words


Help for your internal Pain right here!!!


There are many things in life that bring us pain. Some people even use there past pain as a way to define who they are. 427 more words

mindful monday

happy monday! 

or ..slightly grumpy monday in my case, as i am still without my beloved iphone. but i digress. it’s the beginning of the week and i like to focus on positivity and mindfulness, as opposed to mind fullness. 356 more words