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The splendid (and mightily useful) art of procrastination

I don’t quite know how it has happened, but somehow I am surrounded by post festival debris with a to-do list as long as my arm (and then some). 939 more words

Putting The World To Rights

Adventures In Italy... Post Thirty: My Roman Laundry

There is always that inevitable moment when on holidays, that one runs out of clean shirts, socks, underwear.

It is at that time when you must then resort to drastic measures and…. 337 more words

Aloes Vera Cool

If there is a want, there is a way

No need to get jealous, you were already mine to begin with

I set my eyes on you… 54 more words


Short Post, Simple Joys: Washline

The other week I was spending some time doing laundry and noticed how beautiful of a day it was outside. Just gorgeous. So I thought to myself, “Why not hang my clothes outside to dry?” and I did! 174 more words


My German Wife Offers a Simple Solution to the Problem of Clothing vs. Closet Space

About a year ago, my German wife was in the middle of her teacher training (Referendariat) here in Hannover, Germany. It was a busy time for her, involving lots of classroom observations, seminars, lesson plans, tests and essays. 326 more words



The hutongs in Beijing are filled with doorways similar to this one. I find them beautiful with the red bricks, trees, potted plants and todays laundry hanging out to dry. 14 more words


Washing your girdles and suspender belts

It may seem like a silly thing to even mention, but washing your suspension correctly can keep them in good condition for a long time. 372 more words