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Fluffy Bunnies

There is a little game I play,
I might just share with you today.
Marshmallows shoved into your mouth,
Before they end up going south. 56 more words


Let's watch - Chef - Jon Favreau

Crédits: 2014, Jon Favreau /

Aldamisa Entertainment, Kilburn Media

L’autre soir, j’étais à la recherche d’un film à regarder. Mais pas n’importe quoi, une comédie, mais pas dramatique, ni romantique. 175 more words


Smile. Laugh. Cry. Love.

Smile as though it were your last smile,
Laugh as though it were your first laugh,
Cry as though it were your worst cry,
Love as though it were your only love. 141 more words


Sad from a break up? Go on and have a laugh.

My friend Niti is an internet guru with a sense of humor and genius-level IQ. Upon hearing of my break up with my boyfriend, in a matter of minutes, she bombarded our gchat thread with comedic and feminist internet links that distracted me for hours. 143 more words

‘And you laugh like you’ve never been lonely.’

-Ben Howard, Bones

Bugger Off! 10 Things I Love About My Country #6: Language

We’re over half way through with the ‘United We Stand’ posts and Steve (a scot), Jenny (an American) and I (an English woman) have been compiling lists about the things we love about our countries. 658 more words


Kind...ness? What is that?

Kindness. Being thoughtful. Thinking of others.

These are things that people just..aren’t anymore or just don’t do anymore.

Simple things like asking someone how they are and actually caring about their response. 429 more words