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Food: The Ultimate Churros

When I lived in LA, you could not escape the sights and smells of churros and those amazing bacon wrapped hot dogs from the street vendors.  97 more words


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Latin is not dead, you just need to know how to use it.


Jalapeño Coleslaw

Summer is all about cookouts, and with it being late summer, these gatherings are still in full force. I’m not complaining one bit – the next few weekends for us are filled with plenty of get-togethers with friends and family. 384 more words



Stinky; having an offensive smell. Middle French “puant” < Latin “putor”= a stench < “putere”=to stink.


Of gerunds and supines.

Of gerunds and supines.

Ever anxious to encourage the expansion of youthful minds, by as general a cultivation as possible of the various faculties, we beg to invite attention to the following combination of Grammar, Poetry, and Music. 101 more words

Pistols Guns Weapons Latin World War II Dual HD 3840X1080

Vincent valentine final fantasy wiki final, Vincent valentine is an optional playable character in final fantasy vii, and the main. Vidéos des écoles formations françaises, Consultez un choix de vidéos de présentation des écoles françaises, des formations françaises et de la vie des étudiants français en général.. 48 more words


A place for valuables; a hiding place. Latin “abditorium”=storeroom, chest < “abdere”=to hide + “-orium”=suffix meaning “place.”