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68000, Paula & Co.

Yet another bit of home computer music nostalgia. This time it is the Commodore Amiga that is emulated using UADE. The original Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator is based on a two process design where the core Amiga emulator engine and the music player’s frontend are separate processes that communicate via IPC. 150 more words

Web Programming

Sinology Institute, Mandarim em Beijing (post in Portuguese)

O meu objetivo principal em vir para a China é maior do que fazer um MBA. O que me impulsionou em vir para cá foi a minha grande vontade de conhecer a cultura chinesa. 334 more words


Arkadiy Babchenko: The most terrible war for Russia

By Arkadiy Babchenko, independent journalist, creator of “Journalism without intermediaries”
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I think we are now observing the emergence of the most terrible war for Russia in the twentieth and twenty-first century. 606 more words


Running on Adrenaline


            We had our first language training where we started to learn basic survival words (“yes,” “no,” “I’m American,” etc.), our first technical training where we got a two-inch thick binder full of Peace Corps’ Education goals, descriptions of the TEFL Certificate Program, and other various teaching materials that we will visit later in training, and our second medical session. 758 more words


MISC; 새벽에 시리랑 심심풀이

D244 010914; 새벽에 잠을 안 자고 심심풀이! 시리가 많이 기다렸나봄. ㅋㅋㅋ


Stuck In A Rut


I’m completely stuck in a rut.  I’ve tried everything.  Even meeting up with the others at group this Friday did nothing to help my motivation.  209 more words

Wolverhampton Guild