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Language Barriers

Language barriers are awkward.
And, I’m sorry, but if you studied in France or Mexico or Italy, your language barrier was probably bit less intimidating than if you studied in, like, Jordan. 293 more words

Botany, fossils and baby-making

In the past month, I have been having a blogging stoppage. There has been so much that has happened around me, with me, because of me, that I just don’t know how to start writing about it. 889 more words

Language Learning

New language mission: learning Italian!

Summer is slowly bidding farewell for this year, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Time to find some indoor activity for the cold months! 169 more words


Considering a host family? Expect the unexpected.

Whether it’s a trip for a few days or a long-stay, preparing for a trip abroad is an exciting step in what would hopefully be a positive, life-changing experience. 1,188 more words


Learning obstacles, procrastination and stress.

It’s been more than 2 weeks since my first post and I unfortunately haven’t had much progress. My headaches have been frequent the past week (I don’t want to admit that my migraines are back) because I have been stressing a lot about learning German. 368 more words

Language Learning

Voluntariat per la llengua: Volunteer for the language. The Catalan Innovation

Volutariat per la Llengua is an innovative volunteering scheme conceived and put into action in Catalonia.

It’s a system devised to encourage Catalan speakers to volunteer to meet up with someone who wants to improve their Catalan proficiency. 571 more words

Heyrðu! Útlensk!

So: on Friday I had my last day as an official member of the Grapevine staff (although I will continue in a freelance capacity), and on Monday—following a great trip North, which I will tell you all about later—I set about updating my CV for the zillionth time and putting out some feelers for my next expedition into gainful employment abroad. 728 more words

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