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Summary of my forthcoming M.Div. Thesis

Title: The thesis title will be “Composed with Intent: A Literary and Thematic Argument for the Theological Purpose of Lamentations.”

Thesis: Claimed: When the compared to contemporary, Ancient Near Eastern laments the biblical book of Lamentations is seen to be highly purposeful; when Lamentations is studies within this context, this purpose is found to be profoundly theological. 183 more words


Thoughts on Back to School


I love this time of year. While other people get excited about singing ‘auld lang syne’, champagne, or kissing at midnight, I get excited about new pencils, composition books, and colored pens as well as all of the wonderful possibilities awaiting in a new school year. 154 more words

Best. Phrase. Ever.

“D’oh!”  “Hi-Diddily-Ho! Okily Dokily!”  “Excellent!”  “Thank You,Come Again!”  And the correct answers are, in order:  Homer.  Ned Flanders.  Mr. Burns.  Apu.

The Every. Simpsons. Ever. marathon will come to an end this Monday, September 1.  474 more words

Bible Challenge

The ISIS crisis: What's the Christian response to evil?

I received a prayer request in my inbox recently, forwarded from a missionary in the Middle East, detailing some of the atrocities being carried out there by members of ISIS. 1,018 more words


843 Acres: Reader's Choice: Prone to Wander, Lord, We Feel It

Reader’s Choice: Jen Pollock Michel: I appreciate this post for its clear presentation of the gospel: we are reckless sinners who need grace at every turn. 517 more words

843 Acres

843 Acres: Reader's Choice: Unconditional Love vs. Contraconditional Love

Reader’s Choice: Brett Gaudin: I like this because it reminds me that what we refer to as God’s “unconditional love” is not without conditions. Those conditions are the law and it demanded of Christ his very life. 537 more words

843 Acres

The Descent into Heaven

There are days when I can imagine sprinting to the finish line; standing tall as I await full redemption; or pressing on with exuberance toward my salvation. 295 more words