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Two Snakes for the Price of One and The Impact of Landscaping

Diadophis punctatus punctatus, the Southern ringneck snake, and Storeria victa, the Florida brown snake, photographed in Lake county, Florida (09 August 2014). Click on images to enlarge… 1,164 more words


Lake County Captains : Eastlake, OH

“Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.”
– Babe Ruth

Carly Rousso speaks about drugs and fatal crash

This weekend will mark the two year anniversary of the fatal DUI “huffing” incident that took the life of five year old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento.

I am going to link to… 81 more words


Gastrophryne carolinensis, the Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad, in Lake county, Florida; 28 June 2014

Gastrophryne carolinensis, the Eastern narrow-mouthed toad, photographed in Lake county, Florida (28 June 2014).

Now, here’s a lovely little camper from last June. This is a rather plump and adorable Eastern narrow-mouthed toad, … 285 more words



26 August 2014

Empowered – To enable or permit. Being informed gives you some control over your training and that feeling of empowerment plays a role in the training process. 45 more words


The Privilege of Voting in America

Picture credit: Walkingfox

Today was our Primary Election day here in Florida and like good citizens, we of course went to our local polls and voted. 579 more words


LOCAL NEWS: Plane Crashes In Willoughby Hills In Lake County

Four people are dead after a plane crashed on takeoff from the Cuyahoga County Airport in Willoughby Hills in Lake County.

The crash happened at around 10 p.m. 104 more words