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Busy busy busy

So the last few days have been mostly personal busy days.

Monday – searched for a job, went to the gym, etc. Nothing too exciting – oh and I did get my oil change. 299 more words


A slightly successful Monday?

I’m feeling pretty good-ish today. Why, you ask? There’s a few reasons:

I finally feel like I’ve come to grips with what has happened. It sucks for sure, but at least I can see that I will make it out of this. 378 more words


Life Continues

Today is technically the last day of my employment. So even though I’ve been wallowing since Tuesday, today is the day that ends it once and for all. 502 more words



I made it largely through day 1 in one piece, minus probably one thing: my feeling of self worth.

Although it’s only day 2, every morning so far, I’ve had to convince myself that there’s a reason to get out of bed and do things. 316 more words


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Retirement Savings

I was laid off

I couldn’t believe it. I knew the moment I saw the e-mail come across – a “reduction in work force” and stuff about how the company would be better as a result – I knew. 265 more words


Getting Laid Off - It's Not Personal. It's Strictly Business

Getting Laid Off – by Dr. Greg Williams, UMBC ISD Program Director

In the movie “The Godfather” (Part I), there is a line where Michael Corleone says to his younger brother… 475 more words