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Vaginal Health Tips

Vaginal health is an important topic for many people, but you’d be surprised how misinformed people are.

I personally feel this comes from the stigmas imposed on our bodies by society, and the internalized guilt associated with them. 211 more words

Health And Healing


i wish i had known about these tricks 80 years ago so here u go

Laci Green

They'll Learn About It Somewhere

The whole closing your eyes, covering your ears and obnoxiously singing “LALALA” approach to sex ed it very problematic in my eyes.

While some seem to believe that an abstinence only education will stop the kids from doing it, the truth is this approach is just setting them up to fail. 218 more words


Everyday Empowerment from Sexpert Laci Green

Sexpert Laci Green–and yes, I just used the word sexpert, an expert of sex–and provider of phenomenal commentary on today’s societal problems is today’s source of empowerment. 190 more words

Everyday Empowerment

Starfishing: Making Yourself a Sex Object

Lets start with Laci Green shall we?  So recently she did two different videos.  The first is on sexual objectification.  In it she goes through the differences between a subject and an object.   766 more words

Sex Advice

No Two Ladies Have the Same Vulva

Yes. It’s true. Vulvas are as unique as each female. We’re not all identical twins so why do we expect our lady bits to fit this cookie cutter image found in porn? 262 more words


The blurred line between teasing, and pushing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a little ‘Um nahhh not really feeling it’ to make him work harder. Ladies, own up, we’ve all done it. 509 more words