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transPiration data is uPdated.

check the lab work Page for the uPdated raw data file. It includes data from 2nd block. There was a discreP… 27 more words

Lab Work

Behind the scenes...

If you’ve ever wondered what scientists actually get up to, take a look at some of our recent photos!




Hurtful stereotypes

“You’re too young to be so sick….Oh, you are slow. You walk like you’re 80 years old.”  -Lab tech 

S and I got up early today to get my lab work done. 651 more words

being a strange cyclist, possible conference and some strife

I’ve become that embarrassing stranger who tells a young lad on his bike that he might want to do up his shoelace – oh the shame – Id been watching that neon lace tangling all over the chain for a good stretch of the road and I have to admit a small part of me was waiting for him to get caught up in the chain but then I figured it was only a kid, and he had no helmet so the only thing I could do was tell him about the lace…I didn’t get a thanks or anything I got a kind of  ‘yeh’ mumbled towards the ground – the lace was fixed and he cycled off as fast as he could to get away from me!   277 more words


News from the Nerd Herd back in Aberdeen

With the blog jam-packed with the daily updates, wonderful archaeology and (miraculously) blue skies of another field season, I thought I’d post a long-overdue update on all-things-isotope. 782 more words

Lab Work

Blood Work Done Today:

Had more lab work done today… when I got to the lab… they were all just sitting around waiting for someone to come in… I said:  “Wow, my lucky day.”  Normally, there is a long wait!  49 more words


Lab work

I learned how to measure free SO2 in wine this week! Had fun running these tests.

When the wine is fermenting in barrels, the addition of SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) is important to prevent the wine from spoiling. 25 more words