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About this Knit-A-Long

Welcome to my documentation of knitting the TARDIS afghan!

My name is Allyssa (also known as Big Al or Ms. B) and I have been dreaming of making this blanket for a few years now. 179 more words

Doctor Who

It's aliiiiiiiiiiive!

Well, well, well… I’ve been gone for a bit. But I assure you I have been busy.

I have finished a few things for myself, my shop, and I have even started my Christmas gifts. 276 more words


Maine Mittens

I lived in the state of Maine for about nine and a half years.  Since I loved that time of my life, I usually say I lived there for ten years. 168 more words

Tim's TARDIS Beanie (Pattern)

For Timothy’s 21st birthday (in, erm, November) I gave him the gift of all of time and space in the form of a TARDIS hat! 449 more words


Night Valian Dishcloth

Night Valian Dishcloth

Download the PDF.

My obsession with Welcome to Night Vale is well-documented at this point. Absolutely no one is surprised that I would go casually hunting for cotton at a local yarn store and come home with a purple that almost exactly matches the logo. 269 more words


New Pattern - Kindy Cardi

A few months ago I spun some rainbow yarn in a long gradient. I knew that it would be used to make something for Molly (as it was a little too bright for my taste) but I wasn’t sure what. 178 more words

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WIPWed #62: Anti-Progress

I think there must be some force in the universe that is actively preventing me from making any knitting project progress. (I suspect that force is Time, or The Lack Thereof… perhaps with a healthy dose of Indecision.) Here’s what I accomplished (ha!) this week. 511 more words