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good proportions

knee-length skirt, rib-length chunky beads, 3/4-length sleeves, good vibe.


August nights are for knitting

Knit August Nights affectionally known as KAN (think, I KAN knit, I KAN buy more yarn, I KAN learn new technics) is held in my home town during the last weekend of August. 293 more words


Lupin's Command Red Scarf

I finished the “Lupin Scarf” today, which is to be a present for Mr. Hogwarts – although I do still need to get some buttons or toggles as the ones that I got at Hobbycraft at the weekend aren’t quite what I wanted, as I have turned this into a cowl rather than a scarf as I would have run out of yarn otherwise. 328 more words


Slightly obsessed...

This post will work its way back in time…

I’m working hard to get the classes ready for our retreat (see Maureen’s post), which is coming upon us oh so quickly! 1,122 more words


The Bag That Grew, and Other Knitted Fails...

Hello all,

One big part of the weekend is getting ready for work on Monday.

I had made a new knitted work bag, so this got packed with my Travelcard, purse, phone, knitting travel kit and lippie. 286 more words


Houston, We Have A Blanket

I finished the last bit of Jellybean’s blanket and got the whole mess into a bath!!

A CRAZY amount of lint came off this blanket. Not surprising as my lap was covered with lint as I knit. 29 more words


September is Hat Month!

For me September is all about back to school and searching for conkers, it is also one of those months where the weather can be completely unpredictable, sweltering hot or frosty freezing. 127 more words