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Back on track

Kittens! Who doesn’t love them, right?
Aw so cute!
If they were mine I would be spamming you everyday with photos of them ;)

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C.O.: Your Source for Green Cuteness

Dear readers: We are proud to announce that Cute Overload is now 100 percent powered by clean renewable energy. Thanks to an army of cats operating the revolutionary new KitTurbine™ 6300 Portable Energy Generation System (demonstrated below), our servers deliver Teh Qte without fossil fuels, nuclear power, or appeal to the Forces of Darkness.

Instagram #18

It’s time once again for a little foray into the contents of my Instagram account. I’ve not really been using Instagram a whole lot lately, mainly because my iPhone’s camera is mostly ruined by purple splotches and dark patches and a general yellowish tint on everything. 167 more words


The Salesman

“Sir, you look like an intelligent cat who knows a good thing when he sees it. BUY THIS NOW! CURES EVERYTHING! WILL MAKE YOU RICH! YOUR FAMILY WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT!”


My Dirty Persian Kitty Cotton

This is my mukeki, Cotton…

I have always been a cat person. Back in the days, when I used to spend the holidays at my grandfather’s house, my youngest tita (aunt) and I would hunt for kittens to “baptize”.   511 more words


Witty Kitties

Just back from a holiday in Greece, but it’s not the brilliant weather or beautiful beaches I’m going to talk about.

I have gone to Greece many times over the years, and on each visit I keep a look out for the stray cats which live there, especially in the towns. 129 more words


So last night I turned around and Rhea was sprawled out on this little carpet.

Full size belly shot!

And today Davout was doing the same thing… 19 more words