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Faith Unlocked's Friday Haiku #32 - Stand in His Name

In times of trial -
Put on the armour of God
And stand in His Name


Jesus: Responding to Violence

Was Jesus a pacifist? Does he expect his followers to be pacifists? Is it right to defend ourselves, or our loved ones, from violent attack? Is non-violent protest the only way to change the world? 1,848 more words

Kingdom Of God

Reflected Image

Whenever we’re together with the grandkids it seems it always comes up, who do they look like. Usually the conversation has each one looking like somebody when they make a certain expression and another when a different expressing is made. 232 more words

The kingdom of Heaven

A sermon by Margaret Offerman

Nearly always when Christians gather to worship they say the lord’s prayer, with its  pledge to hallow the name of God and to will that his kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven. 1,527 more words

Church Of The Ascension

August 29, 2014 -- transnational

Jesus is best revealed incarnationally
We are “world Christians,” members of the transnational body of Christ; concerned with every person we can touch with truth and love. 240 more words

Jesus Ia Best Revealed Incarnationally

The Speed of Love is Faster than the Speed of Light

The speed of light is not the fastest force in the universe, even though it does travel at 186,000 miles per second. There is a force from God that is faster than the speed of light. 181 more words