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Around San Marino looking for princesses, knights and witches

According to our original plan for this summer holidays, after ten days in Tuscany, we should have spent a week at home in the mountains. 360 more words

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give a kid the right pair of shoes...pt1

So, like I said on my post earlier in the week on back to school stationery, my kids aren’t old enough to go to school – Coco is nearly 3 and Otis is a tender 16mo. 313 more words

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Back to school...

It’s that time of the year again and my children are back to school this Monday. Even my little Hugo is starting nursery so that he can begin to learn English after two years of Spanish-Dutch cultural immersion at home. 279 more words

Cute little snails

There is something in the attraction that children show for snails and slugs that it’s hard to explain from a first glimpse to these slimy little animals. 243 more words

Fannice Kids Fashion